What's New - With The Club

Year 2017 Events: As 2017 events are scheduled, they are being added to the event calendars. Frequently check for posted events in the newsletter and on the website.

Our year 2017 Board of Directors:
President: Paula Ruby, Vice President: Al Zimmermann, Secretary: Tom Dawson,Treasurer: Jack Treadwell, Activities Chairman: Phil Hack, Technical Chairman: Gary Ruby, Membership Chairman: Jim Lucas, Chief Judge: Gene Sauter, Director at Large #1: Gary Wilmer, Director at Large #2: Tom Young.

Master Editor Award -
Bill Wurzell, our Club newsletter editor, was honored on February 11th at the Annual AACA Meeting in Philadelphia, PA with a "Master Editor" award for the year 2016 edition of The Chesapeake Bulletin, his outstanding publication. Congratulations Bill!

        Newsletter Award 2016