What's New - With The Club

Year 2018 Events: As calendar year 2018 events are scheduled, they are being added to the event calendars. Frequently check for posted events in the newsletter and on the website.

Activity Suggestions - The Club is always looking for new ideas -- of places for the members to visit -- activities for the members to do -- speakers for our membership meetings. If you have any suggestions, give a shout-out to our Activities Director, Phil Hack or President, Paula Ruby.

Volunteer - Your Club has lots of opportunities throughout the year for you to assist with its operation. Contact President Paula to pitch-in and lend a hand.

Host: 2018 AACA Eastern Division Spring Meet - Chesapeake Region will be the host for the 2018 AACA Eastern Division Spring Meet, to be held July 11th through the 14th 2018. Planning is well underway for the event. Details are available on the 2018 Eastern Spring Meet website linked from our Chesapeake Region website menu.

The Chesapeake Bulletin - Our newsletter editor Bill Wurzell advises us that we're entering the slow months for event articles and he'd like to fill the off-season editions with articles writted by our many members. Have an antique auto related story that the members would enjoy reading? Write it up and send it to Bill for consideration.

2018 Election Results - Surprise, surprise!!! All incumbent 2017 Club officers have been reelected. Also, all Appointed Officers have agreed to serve again in 2018. Congratulations all!.